I'm Here!! :D

hey people,
sorry for be out for a while, I've been busy with my work and life.
but I have a good news for you!...  
I've been working slowly in some gifts for you :D

I hope to finish them soon... and don't forget to visit my page again!!!

if you wanna support me and motivate me to keep modding for SA, 
DON'T reupload my files!!
use my links!


  1. Oh well glad you're back.I was thinking that you might be busy with living your life since we all have one we can't just mod 4 life....well bro don't hurry with your upcoming mods take it nice and easy just like always :D.Again glad you're back ,hope everything is better now

  2. We Are Glad To Hear This , hope you don't take a long time to comeback !!!

  3. thanks ;) yes, now in october I'll show you what I've been working on. ;)


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