domingo, 22 de junio de 2014


we have more than 1 year working on this, because I stopped coding for SA.

it gave us a lot of problems this thing...
but finally here is...

You can find it, in my ARCHIVE as Obito Kamui

How to USE;  (watch video)
Aim Weapon =  to aim a ped
Aim Weapon + Fire Button   =  to select ped for jutsu
TAB + 1  = to teleport into map
TAB + 2 (or fall) = to go back 

Author Notes;

--by default is turned on. to turn it off, open -> obito_config.ini
and change this;
value = 1
for this;
value = 0

--if you don't like to kill peds, change the "quantity" of damage that will receive the ped.
value = 100
--if you don't like Shader Effects, change this;
value = 1
for this;
value = 0

I added the skin also, it is fully compatible with my HUD-full burst.
to change the skin type as a Cheat;  tobiskin
or do it by your own way.

Shader Effects needs that your Graphic Card Support Pixel Shader 2.0
if your graphic card don't support it, deactivate the shader effect!



miércoles, 18 de junio de 2014

Wanted Level Alarm

I'm going to start uploading all those personal scripts that I ever done...
:P some of them are funny, but this one, always put me nervous while I had any wanted level in game :P

check it by yourself
as always, you can find it in my ARCHIVE

here is a preview of the code;

    path_song1   = "cleo\mp3\alarm3.MP3"
    path_song2   = "cleo\mp3\alarm2.MP3"
    path_song3   = "cleo\mp3\alarm1.MP3"
wait 0
if or
8AAB:  not file_exists path_song1
8AAB:  not file_exists path_song2
8AAB:  not file_exists path_song3
    0A93: end_custom_thread  
wait 0
01C0: 15@ = player $PLAYER_CHAR wanted_level
15@ == 6
        2@ = 6
        3@ = 6
        0AAC: 0@ = load_mp3 path_song1
        wait 100
        0AAF: 1@ = get_mp3_length 0@
        1@ *= 1001                      // 1@ * 1001 sec wait
        0AAD: set_mp3 0@ perform_action 1
        32@ = 0
        jump @loop 

if you have any doubt, ask me ;)



domingo, 8 de junio de 2014

HUD Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 - Full Burst [PC]

first of all, this hud is one of my personal mods, I did this for me.
but finally I decided  to release it.
-sorry people, it seems that this is only compatible with WideScreens (16:9/16:10)
-textures looks bad in square resolutions (4:3) (please, report me with an a screen capture of your game, to see if I can make it compatible)
what do you need?
  1. CLEO 4.3.16
  2. NewOpcodes2.0 by DK22PAC   |--->  Here
ALL textures were Extracted/Converted/Edited from NUNS 3 Full Burst PC  by me (J16D)
you can download the hud in my ARCHIVE (HUD full burst)

CLEO Shader API - Part 1

I hope you understand HLSL language..
I'm not going to explain anything related to that topic, search in google for it.
now to use this shaders you need;
  1. CLEO 4
  2. Shader API plugin installed properly
  3. knowledge about HLSL
  4. knowledge about CLEO
(you can find shader API in the previous post)